Belfast Telegraph Digital

Belfast Telegraph Digital, is the online brand of the local newspaper The Belfast Telegraph. This is a concept designed to update their brand.

The main direction of the rebrand was to recapture the legacy and tradition of The Belfast Telegraph, while placing it in the modern, digital age. A brand identity that feels familiar to life-long readers, but also fresh to new readers and the younger generation.


The logo, is based on the “B” from the main newspaper title, but has been given a modern treatment. The design incorporates an overlapping circular patterning, which permeates throughout the brand and represents the newspapers broad coverage and capturing all events for the reader. The design also incorporates a digital, data block motif which is also carried throughout the brand.


A series of simple mock-ups show how the designs would look across the various platforms and pages of Belfast Telegraph Digital experience. As you can see the new identity creates a strong cohesion of the brand across all platforms.


Social Media Assets


For the main “NEWS” page, the cover design captures Belfast City Hall, in the unique circular and data block patterning of Belfast Telegraph Digital. Again, the patterning has been used to frame unique photos related to reports from around the city.


For “SPORTS” the design captures the iconic “Beacon Of Hope” statue alongside the River Lagan. Local sports stars are captured within the design and again the reader feels the comforting recognition of the overall brand identity.


“ENTERTAINMENT” captures the “Big Fish” sculpture, also alongside The River Lagan. The same patterning and picture captures are also here and the red color palette representing the “ENTERTAINMENT” section is utilized.


The “TRAVEL” section, features the Titanic Museum. Being voted the number one world attraction in December 2016, it sits proudly to represent the local travel and tourist offerings. Other destinations are captured within the picture elements.


The “BUSINESS” section features the famous, leaning, Albert memorial clock. A nod to the motto, “time is money”, an important understanding in the business world.

And below, the “CLASSIFIED” section captures Samson and Goliath of Harland and Wolff.